Prescriptions for life, Take 1!

Life_Prescriptions_ (4)_LIToday it is with great sadness we announce the death of Mr… How often has this become a common statement in our society? Death isn’t something strange the world over but its something we all face and have to adapt to. I highly doubt there is one person in this world who has never had their family member or friend face this transition. Its something we will all have to face. Many explanations have come up to determine where and what happens to someone when they die. In most faiths, we believe that there is an afterlife where people go to though we cannot conclusively prove it. Some say that based on your deeds you face judgement and go to heaven or hell. There some who believe its simply the end of life. I personally believe in the continuity of life but as to what we will face I cannot conclusively state this or the other and I don’t believe it’s in my place to decide that, as we will all face that transition and hopefully we will meet our maker!

Okay, let’s get down to business as to what made me write this story today. Two great men in this Nation (Kenya) have fallen to cancer, Bob Collymore and Ken Okoth, My condolence go to both families. My background is pharmacy and as someone who studied allopathic medicine, I can come up with many stories to say what happened. However, that was a long time ago when my eyes were closed only to the allopathic world. Its either we give you a pill or undergo surgery. I remember my dad had similar cancer to Ken Okoth and it was discovered in stage 3 before metastasis ( when cancer spreads to other organs). He did have surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. I was him during this tough journey and there were times I had no answer to his questions especially as to how long he had to take medication. The side effects were no one’s cup of tea. I remember him once stating to me, I don’t think God wants me to live like this. The surgery had him use a colostomy bag and that’s tough adapting to change. Finally, after cancer had metastasized to his lungs he only was with us till my brother’s wedding and after that, he left. Only a transition as per my belief.

This started a fire in me to find out what causes cancer and how can we heal it. I ended up in South Africa studying an MSC in Bioinformatics. I was studying drug discovery and on HIV. I went through a long period studying these stuff but it never made sense to me. When I came back to Kenya, I was afflicted with my own illness. I went into a depressed state. My mum nudged me until I went to see our family doctor. He referred me to a psychiatrist. He started me on medication but I knew deep inside me, that this was the wrong prescription (not medically but in terms of healing). My brother and a friend asked me if I was sure this is the route? I then remember as the emotions got tough, I finally got an answer. A psychologist came by with a new form of treatment called Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). It helped me get back to life and off the medicines, which I honestly loathed. They zombified me, I could no longer feel joy… just like a zombie…. I remember playing golf and I would hit a ball in the range and want to celebrate but no feelings. I wondered weren’t these drugs to get me back to normality? When I asked the doctor all he would say is…wewe ndio wa madawa twambie…( you are the pharmacist, I should be asking you). One of the side effects on the pamphlet was suicide. The doctor couldn’t answer me yet he expected me to take something that said it could kill me? How many times had I given patients the same without interrogation? I should have known why by law I am known as an authorized seller of poisons!

I want to continue the story and there is a lot more to say but time will not allow….see you on Wednesday!






Breaking the habit of disease!


I never thought in my life I would ever get a mental illness (depressive condition)! Though what fascinated me was why there were no cures for these diseases with all our biochemical knowledge. My mind finally gave in when all the things around my life became hell. Dad was gone ( passed on), girlfriend gone ( left), job was gone (left). I felt I had nothing to live for. This actually got me to realize we have made our life around jobs and physical things rather than our Godly purpose. Fortunately, I knew that there was an answer and I worked hard to get to the bottom of things. My attitude sucked and my mum always reminded me that appreciation and gratitude changes your life. It did. The dark cloud lifted and I was healed from the ailments. I rejected those little pills and the advice that a psychiatrist gave me as I felt no….this is not the cause and therefore a pill will not solve issues. Many of us do not follow our heart when it comes to illness and this explains why we spend thousands if not millions of shillings treating simple ailments using drugs that don’t work and instead of poisoning our systems. I can say this with absolute confidence as I studied pharmacy and practised.  Something inside of me refused to work with pills. They should be reserved for acute and emergency conditions. In such a case, I would not want an acupuncturist but a doctor with balanced confidence (not an egomaniac).

Chronic conditions are meant to be treated based on what caused them and not suppressing symptoms. If I look at treatments for pain, we suppress pain which is a signal to the body that something is wrong. Our body has great diagnostic and healing capacities. It is only when things are not working that we need to use aids! I love meditation as it puts one back in focus when things are not working, though I now do it minimum once in a day. It also helps calm the mind and body. Your body is a biochemical machine and produces all those drugs we are given. I know not many people prefer this route as it takes time and when one is in that fear state then, he or she may opt for modern medicine. Today we have options though. We have functional medicine which looks at the body as a system as opposed to looking at one part and forgetting the system is one. Even the Bible gives this wisdom but we don’t get it because we think its a book about church and theology. If you need to heal all the answers are there. I know one such doctor who had breast cancer and refused to take medication. She discovered her own titbits about how to stay healthy. There is a lady who was cured using comedy and relaxation from cancer. Our biggest fear is we have bought into the medical paradigm. If I don’t take this pill I will die. Yet a third of our medicines are placebo. I could have chosen to sell pills for a living for ailments with cures but if you know the truth why lie? I am unable to be inconsistent with my spirit. Your body is a system when it’s out of balance it tends towards disease. If you bring it back to balance you are well. (This is not meant to attack well-meaning doctors. They are many and God bless them for their work)

Now let me finish by talking about what I am up to. I am on a project where I am working with people who cure chronic diseases. One Mr D uses simple grain Amaranth and it works I kid you not. He has been doing this for almost twenty years and has healed many people. Most doctors would say this is Loliondo stuff but I trust him because, If I healed where a doctor said I would be like a zombie for a year, why should I lack trust? I lend trust until you show me otherwise. Even when things don’t work out, there is always a solution. So far we are working with cancers. I have seen great effects of the two patients and I know more will continue to come. If you want more information feel free to talk to me on Linkedin. My name there is Mucugia Nganga. I am willing to show people the way to better health rather than struggling with conditions that are curable in a short period.

As for CBD (cannabidiol), I will be attending a workshop this weekend at the memorial park near the cooperative bank in Nairobi on Saturday Afternoon as from 2 pm. I have heard great news about it but am yet to use it. It has treated many people of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, IBS in other countries. The good thing about CBD is that it doesn’t cause side effects and many are getting better. If you get a chance drop in and learn more about how we can live a life of wellness! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten, the weed story, I will pick it up on Monday!

Have a lovely Friday,

Filled with love and Health!


Medical Odyssey!


Let’s take questions from the audience, what in the world is an odyssey? It’s a long journey or voyage usually marked by changes of fortune. Well for me it’s been a long one and I can tell that it’s beginning now. In previous articles, I had talked of an unwellness ( not a grammar issue, it is intentional). It was one where I had where my mind was stuck in the past and my ex-psychiatrist ( I divorced him amicably) insisted on giving me some tablets which zombified me ( Do not go off your medication unless directed by your doctor or pharmacist goes the tag line). In this case, I was a pharmacist by profession and the doctor wasn’t co-operating by answering my questions. Therefore being a pharmacist, I decided to go off the drugs and boy did it pay off. I am healthy several years later and have never had a relapse as he prophesied! I learnt that the greatest prophet over my life is me!

Back to business! Today’s agenda was simply to tell you what I have been up to. The last couple of weeks have been interesting. I have met two people in the world of cures. One is an economist and the other is a doctor of herbal medicine. The economist lets call him D has been curing disease for years with his simple porridge. He has done so much work that it makes us scientist or pharmacists embarrassed when we say there are no cures for chronic diseases. I have healed myself so when he told me his story, I believed it instantly with no need for medical proof. However, he has been gracious to allow me to see the work that he is doing and today we will be visiting to do a review and see how well the patient is doing. The second man whom I met has also been treating many diseases too and has a clinic. I had gone to visit my Aunt and wasn’t even thinking about work. I found this man talking to my Aunt and he introduced himself. I was paying attention but never said a word as I wanted to hear about his story. My mum was excited about his work and had earlier met him. He was talking of the healings he has done. Finally, my mum introduced me to him and we had a great chat. I intend to visit him as his cures would help a whole load of people suffering from chronic illness and who are tired of the medical system that has cost them a lot but never brings them back to health. I am working on seeing him so that I can use some of his products. I am a firm believer if I can’t take it how can I recommend it? You must be able to take a journey with the patient or else that is not restoration but maintaining disease!

I was listening to a video about the traditional cures by Sadhguru (check him out). In the old days, the idea was to restore you back to balance. Modern medicine is now making it seem like its normal to have diabetes, hypertension, cancer, arthritis ad nauseum! (Its the second most profitable industry). It’s not normal to be ill. It’s an imbalance which your doctor should be working to cure not following a textbook that says that it is well to be ill and take pills. Remember the saying to swallow a bitter pill? That’s what we do every day for a simple illness that can be cured by taking the right nutrients and bring you back to how God intended you to live! That being said, you have a right to choose what works for you, therefore do not take my word for it, test it and see if its truth!

Have a lovely Monday!

More love from me on WED!

I will have some more snippets on Cannabis and CBD!












Weed IntErrupTed!


We interrupt this message to bring you good news! This week we are discussing weed and I seem to have been missing on Wednesday! Well, the story about weed is still with us but a more moving one has come and I feel I need to air it. I will still give snippets of the weed story as I collect more information. This week our Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta went to Jamaica, the country which people eat, sleep and drink reggae! I wonder whether he got a chance to listen to the songs from Kingston! Did he indulge in the local cuisine? ( I hear that in Jamaica even cuisine has some ganja spice in it!). Apparently in Jamaica weed is highly respected and especially if you are Rastafari. I would love to travel there, I can be Rastafarian for a week or two. I am not sure how they identify you as Morgan Heritage said you don’t have to dread to be Rasta. It is legal for Rastafarians to indulge on the same for religious reasons. If you are caught carrying up to 2 ounces (56.6 grams) it is considered a petty offence. To me, this is a contradiction as you let the Rastafarians smoke and anyone else is in trouble for enjoying the kungshungpen? Medical marijuana is legal by the way. You just need a letter from your doctor… I believe they need to harmonize their laws!

So now that we have given the weed tale of the week, I am back to the interruption which I came across this morning. This week I was fasting. Not for religious reasons but as a scientist to feel the effects of fasting. I did a three day fast and boy oh boy did I feel good when I finished, not because I was hungry but I was energetic. On Monday, I was tempted with food by a waitress at a rotary club I attended. She placed a plate of samosa and arrowroot infront of me. I ignored and then later she walked to my table when someone had eaten the same and brought another plate for me! I was able to manage not to eat the same. Tuesday came with its fair share of drama. I found myself caught in between Matatus and these guys were ferocious. I would have abused them but realized it won’t add value and instead cause more untold harm. I didn’t even have the energy to push with them. A driver of a personal car also behaved the same. He talked rudely to me saying I was blocking his way, yet he had enough space. I didn’t talk back to him, just to my passenger.  Apart from these two incidents I was fine and finished the fast. I learned fasting is a great way to learn discipline and set a goal. Yes, it does give us time to pray as Christians, though it is not limited to any religion or even those who are atheist. The laws of God work whether you believe he exists or not…He isn’t a respecter of persons. Fasting was great and I will consider making it a regular practice. Apart from that, I hear its good for those suffering from cancer. If you fast for more than 8 hours cancer cells die. I am yet to verify this scientifically, however, it makes sense as cancer cells utilise only glucose. When we fast our normal cells utilize ketones and even make glucose internally. Therefore it would be a great way to make one heal. I came across a you tube video where a man suffering from rheumatoid arthritis healed by doing a 7-day water fast. He, however, made sure he wasn’t too active and this gave him time to relax and enjoy the healing.

The other practice I will mention in passing is meditation. I am not a guru, neither do I claim to be one. When I was in a depressive state, meditation never made sense to me. There are many types, but I will simply classify them into two. The active and non-active meditation. The difference is that one may meditate on a verse or scripture which requires some effort, whereas the other is to simply pay attention to something like an air conditioner or some music. This helps you get out of the thinking state, let go of your problems and connect to the world of solutions. It brings about an increase in receptivity. You can’t receive if you hands are full, can you? You can’t hear or tune in to intuition if you are thinking of how to come up with the solution. I suggest you try the one that works for you. I have come across many who have been healed by this method (Joe Dispenza’s testimonials). It does require work. So far, I do it twice a day for a 20 minutes and 1 hour at night. However, don’t go overboard. Start with  3 minutes, then go to 5 minutes till you improve. I can assure you it works and calms the mind!

Enjoy your WeekenD!

Do fantastic things and lets meet on Monday!

WEed TaLeS!

ganjapharmaWeed, I have never touched it in my life. That stuff is dangerous, isn’t it what made our neighbour Maish go nuts and drop out of school? He now walks around wearing dreads and singing Jah Rastafari with no head or tail of where he is going! Weed is a subject that makes many people quite uncomfortable when it comes to conversation. Try talking to our African mother’s they won’t hear of it. They know it as totally bad, the scum of the earth. It right the next to satan. Weed has made a lot of our children loose direction is the story they often quip! I recently had a conversation with two friends of mine who have siblings who are on weed and they are quite worried ( No I am not Sonko, I will not divulge anyone’s name here or even at a funeral). One felt that the sibling will become slow because of consistently smoking weed. The other just wondered why would she smoke this stuff. It seems it’s a peer influence thing! This is one side of the story. Over the weekend, I had a chat with two friends of mine who have seen the good effects of weed. I know one whose friend no longer has migraines. Now if you know what a migraine is, it’s a pounding headache that doesn’t want to leave you. If you haven’t smoked weed and know its the cure for this wouldn’t you try it despite the fear and superstition around weed? Another friend also knows someone who has suffered from some form of muscular aches a condition soothed by the non-psychoactive (non-mind altering) substance cannabidiol aka CBD found in weed. At times she has to use the real deal because it’s not available for consumption in Kenya. As a pharmacist, one is amazed to hear of the miracle cure or at minimum alleviating of symptoms brought about by the kungshungpen!(weed)

Far away from home, there was a girl called Charlotte who was suffering from 300 seizures a week. She was just five years old. All medicines had been tried but she wasn’t getting better. She was suffering from a condition known as dravets syndrome. If you are this parent and had tried everything wouldn’t you try weed if you know there is a chance it can work? Her mum looked for the stuff and came across some brothers in Colorado who grew weed. They were apprehensive about giving a five-year-old weed but finally gave her the stuff. She found someone who extracted the important components of the weed and finally they gave Charlotte the medicine. The weed concoction worked like a charm. Charlotte went from 300 hundred seizures a week to one seizure a week. Seizures in children are a very dangerous condition as they affect the development of the child. Fortunately, this parent was brave enough to take the jump and open a can of worms many people won’t venture in! It bore great fruit!

So is cannabis a bad plant that should be destroyed, or is it a plant that got bad rap and everyone followed suit in prohibiting it? In the university, I won’t mention which, weed was all over the place. It was one place I never tried the stuff because of the fear put in me by my mum. Today, I wouldn’t smoke the stuff though, I happened to have tried it twice. The first time, I found out it was a good cure for hangovers and the second time, it didn’t impress me. I, therefore am driven by the medicinal properties and other good things about it rather than the psychoactive effects that impress many teenagers and young adults.

Today I pen off with my future hope of being a legal ganja farmer (maybe pharma) not to intoxicate anyone but to ensure that many enjoy a quality of life that they may be denied because of prohibitions based on beliefs rather than actual facts on the ground!

Let’s hear more on Wednesday from the Ganja farmer!

Prescriptions for life take 3!

IMG_20190802_151601This week has been about prominent leaders and especially cancer. Yesterday it had taken my usual bounce away, as alot of energy had been spent looking at illness. I am an empath i.e. people who are naturally emotional and can be easily burdened by feelings based on other people’s misfortunes. I have had to learn how to cope with this and at times it requires disconnection from the world to regain strength.

Yesterday, I was listening to Dr. Joyce Laboso’s husband talk of her illness which started in 1991. Dr. Joyce is the governor of Bomet county for our non kenyan audience. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation and was in remission. Edwin, Laboso’s husband recieved encouragement from his mother when he didn’t believe his wife would heal. Then the disease was to return several years later. She was a busy person and am sure her life was stressful. We were taught that life is about struggle and if you aren’t straining you aren’t doing it right. I belonged to that school of thought until I received a depressive state as a prescription for me to slow down. Disease isn’t always a bad thing as many people have come to see it. Trying to fight it only increases it because you are causing resistance. What you resist will persist. A more sensible approach is to accept it. Step two harvest the good and finally forgive all the rest. There is always an answer to illness. For some chemotherapy works as they wholy believe in that medical paradigm. Others go to doctors who loose hope and declare them dead in a couple of months but when their belief system kicks in they get the right healer. I personally like Dr. Joe Dispenzas work as it empowers you to be your own healer rather than to depend on external circumstances.

My medical journey has taught me that the solution lies within not elsewhere. So based on my beliefs will I be healed. I was watching a testimonial from one of Dr. Joe’s patients. He received a vision of a lady called Mary who healed him. A few months later he met a lady called Mary who was a healer. She worked on his back manually and also did some energy healings and 5 months later, he was healed. Therefore there are many paths to healing but God or the universe will choose the one most acceptable for you!

Quick note next week, I want to kick off with the cannabis debate. It’s a plant with many uses since time immemorial but received some bad rap in the 1930’s and was declared illegal. There was talk of only its abuse and not its usefulness. Many years later it’s helped children, cancer & terminal ailment sufferers to receive a better quality of life. It’s high time Africa made its laws based on what they consider best for them as European countries do, rather than depending on the west to make laws for us to regurgitate!

Lovely weekend!

Prescriptions for Life! Take 2!

african americanGood afternoon! Where did we stop last… Is the usual cliche we here in lecture halls. I bet you for sure none of the students, unless index one have a clue! Fortunately, in this case, I was careful enough to note! I was narrating about how my psychiatrist was giving me medication but could not explain certain side effects. He expected it to be my job, yet in this case, I was the patient? This is the new age of customer delight, not satisfaction. I picked up the term last week on Friday from a dentist who wowed us with his practice. He told us that only 15% of our technical skills count to having a great practice. We have to be concerned with things like ambience, customer care and “small things” like patients birthdays. That may not increase the number of customers if your practice is in Kibera (read as Kibra, Nairobi’s largest slum!) but you have to find out what matters to your clients the most to bring them back. In the case of my former psychiatrist ( I fired him then), he never did the basic thing, simply talking well to me and being honest. I guess he must be old school, as long as pesa otas..(money is alot) he cares less.

Now you have to understand our modern medical paradigm (model) is fractured. I mean this literally. We have divided the body into small different parts. The head, the stomach and intestines, the reproductive parts, the bones etc. Yes, we do study the whole body but finally, settle on looking at certain parts for the rest of our lives, silos. So when a problem is in the brain which is the central nervous system  in but starts in the gut, the neurosurgeon or neurologist has almost no clue because he is simply looking at the nerves. He can’t think outside of what he knows, as he has spent close to five years and his practising life thinking of nerves. Go to a surgeon and the first thing he wants to do is cut you… a butcher (Nothing against doctors they are my colleagues).

I know I digress a lot, back to my story. I did the Neurolinguistic Programming ( NLP), which at some point felt like witchcraft because I hadn’t come across hypnosis. In fact the psychologist, Dr Sikelela helped me understand quite a lot and introduced me to the movie the secret. I know quite a number of Pastors who will frown as its not part of the biblical curriculum, neither is theology (outside of university). It’s still taught in the schools as though we have no individual connection to God (a story for another day). The movie was great and gave me hope but I was left with some anxiety as I did not understand where to go next! I was still lost though regaining my health. Anywhoo…Dr Sikilela was here with me for a week and it cost me 200 USD, which in Kenya was a lot of money then but I was willing to pay as I was looking for the answer to better health. No matter how much he tried the anxiety never went away. The doctor left and I was back to searching again. During the period of my illness, I was working in Kapenguria District hospital and I had been able to get transferred to Kiambu District hospital. I wasn’t elated and I doubt it was the depression.

I was fortunate never to have had suicidal thoughts. I thank my parents for the grounding that my life isn’t mine to take. When the contract is over, God will give me a heads up. Though when I was in Kapenguria, I would often ask God why did he send me to that place. The houses there were one-roomed or two-roomed plots with external lavatories, this was culture shock for me. I, therefore, chose to stay in a guest house as I had no plans to live there for the rest of my life. There was a man whom, I met in the hospital and he told me how negative I was… I had never understood the term as I saw complaining as a normal part of life! I hadn’t realized that this was one of the reasons for sliding into the state I was in…

Anxiety still lingered in my life. I didn’t have perfect answers, I was off drugs so the only therapy I could seek was from a psychologist. I found one who charged me like 30 dollars a session for an hour. I went to her place and initially, it was good. Then one day out of the blues she asks me to go for a drug test! I was livid! Though I never said anything, I felt as though she breached my trust. To her, all she could see was I was abusing something. Which in retrospect is funny because If I was a junkie wouldn’t I take all the hot drugs and feel happy most of the time???? I am a pharmacist remember????? So long and short, I went for the drug test and came back as white as snow! Then we continued therapy. I did a self-assessment and wrote certain emotions. I hadn’t known that journaling is a useful personal tool. However, she did two more things that made me terminate her contract. She handed me over to her daughter to do some breathing exercises who consequently shared an office with her. The lady had also suffered from my condition and the breathing exercises were cool but I felt it was more of giving her business than care for me! In short, it felt unprofessional. Finally, she sent me to a psychiatrist and I said to hell….I will look for my own solutions!

I gotta go……now.

Lets talk on Friday!